Sand Fire Creates Poor Air Quality for Amador County

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Despite air quality warnings, many people in Amador County are enjoying their Sunday outside.

A “Spare the Air” Alert was issued in Sacramento and surrounding regions on Sunday. Because of the Sand Fire, the air quality was deemed “Unhealthy for sensitive groups.” The organization urged people to cut back on driving, and avoid unnecessary outdoor activities.

However, Bob Rosenbaum was not going to let the fire, nor the air quality dampen his weekend plans.

“My brother-in-law loves the Amador County Fair, so we are here to go to the county fair,” he said. “A few months ago, we reserved our spots at the 49er Village RV Park. I think we got the last two that were next to each other so we booked them for ourselves and our friends.”

Rosenbaum was not alone. All 329 lots and 15 cottages at the 49er Village RV Park, which is adjacent to the Amador County Fairgrounds, were completely full.

“The guests that suffer with severe asthma, a few of them have canceled, but we also have had a few evacuees come into the park for a place to go,” Cheryl Ritson, Guest Services Representative of the 49er RV Resort, said.

Many at the RV park said the smoke levels varied over the weekend.

“Honestly, in the morning when we came out, it was pretty hazy; you can smell the smoke. But probably by 11 a.m., it had pretty much blown away,” Rosenbaum said.

We were supposed to go down to the river, but we weren’t able to because of the fire, so we just stayed here at the pool, but it’s nice though, not as bad,” camper, Alyssa Fowler said. “But yesterday, it was so smoky at the fairgrounds, and I have asthma, so I couldn’t breathe.”

Campers were constantly notified by park staff on updates of the fire and air quality.

“We were really praying for the people who are involved with the fire,” Rosenbaum said.

For more information about air quality in your area, click here.

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