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Davis PD Receives Mine-Resistant, Ambush-Proof Military Vehicle


It’s a mine-resistant, ambush-proof vehicle. It was developed for the military for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, it’s available for use on the streets of Davis.

The Davis Police Department acquired a nearly $700,000 military vehicle, but they got it for free through a government surplus program that was developed back in 1999.

Given the recent developments in Ferguson Missouri, many question whether local police departments should take a military-like posture with the citizens they vow to protect and serve.

“We’re not Ferguson,” Davis Police Lieutenant Tom Waltz said. “We have a very good relationship with our community. The vehicle would be used strictly for emergency situations.” Lieutenant Waltz is speaking of situations like hostage rescues, barricaded suspects, and active shooters.

“It gives us the ability to give our officers that protection, and honestly, I don’t think our officers deserve anything less,” Waltz said.

“Good thing, it could protect the cops. Bad thing is, if they turn on us, Marshall Law, we lose all our rights,”  local resident Jorge Loreto said.

“I don’t believe Davis would do anything to disrespect or upset their citizens. If anything, I think it’s a positive step for Davis Police Department,” his friend, Luis Cruz added.

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