Sacramento Patient Tests Negative for Ebola Virus

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A patient at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in south Sacramento tested negative for the Ebola virus, the California Department of Public Health announced.

A sample from the patient was sent to the Centers for Disease Control earlier this week.

"As healthcare providers, we remain vigilant for infectious diseases such Ebola because the rapid implementation of infectious prevention measures protects our community," Kaiser's Chief of Infectious Disease John Belko said.

According to health officials, the patient, who had recently returned from West Africa, was at "low-risk" for the virus.

Still, hospital staff used extreme caution.

ORIGINAL STORY: Sacramento Patient Tested for Possible Ebola Exposure

“We are pleased with the negative outcome of the Ebola test and wish the patient a speedy recovery,” Public Health Director Dr. Ron Chapman said in a news release. “The case in Sacramento County demonstrates that the system is working. This patient was quickly identified, appropriate infection control procedures were implemented, and public health authorities were notified.”

The patients name, gender and illness were not disclosed, because of privacy laws.

Doctors say while there is no cure or treatment for Ebola, it is difficult for the virus to spread. It can only be transmitted through bodily fluids from someone who is showing symptoms.

Ali Wolf contributed to this report.

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