Mayor of Napa Returns to Quake Damaged Home


For a long time, the talk around Napa won't be about grapes and getaway weekends. It'll be about your quake story.

"You got heavy stuff blocking doors, can't get into the bathrooms, you first go in and it's 'what's safe, what's not safe', one of the toilets broke off its moorings," Mayor Jill Techel said.

That's the scene the Mayor of Napa returned home to Sunday.

She was in Monterey at a conference, and her dash back home after the quake was complicated by car trouble.

She and her neighbors are facing big personal clean-up jobs, but now she has to focus on her city.

And with only about 35% of buildings in town checked for damage, Napa has enlisted some outside help to survey the rest.

"Tomorrow we'll be convening a group of between 20-30 building inspectors and engineers working with city teams to go out and inspect areas of the city that we have not seen in great level," Rick Tooker, Napa Community Development Director, said.

With 60 water line leaks still affecting  600 customers around town, outside help is also coming in to complete repairs to bring all those folks back online with clean drinking water.

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