Napa Continues to Red Tag Buildings, Including Some Undamaged by Quake

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The City of Napa announced Tuesday that 103 buildings have now been red-tagged after a 6.0 earthquake rocked Northern California Sunday.

Among the buildings deemed inhabitable - Molinari's Caffe, off of Brown Street near 3rd Street, despite the fact that it survived the quake unscathed.

"It is frustrating," owner Rick Molinari said. "We cleaned up and I had my staff in at 7 a.m. yesterday. We were red tagged at 9:30 a.m."

Molinari spent about $200,000 a few years back to retrofit a brand new building, just in case an earthquake struck. His building is red-tagged because it's between two buildings that are in danger of falling.

"Problem is, mine is pretty much the center of everything," he said.

The buildings surrounding Molinari's on Brown Street were not retrofitted, according to the City of Napa, even after officials passed an ordinance requiring all property owners to retrofit back in 2006. These buildings on Brown Street did not survive Sunday's quake.

Molinari told FOX40 that he plans to pursue legal action against the city and the property owner next door if a plan to help him reopen isn't put together by Friday.

FOX40 tried to reach out to the property owner of the red-tagged building next-door to Molinari's, but we did not get hear back.

However, the property owner told the Napa Valley Register in 2009, "in reality, I don't think any of this [retrofitting] is necessary."