Napa Passes Resolution Waiving Inspection, Permit Fees after Quake

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To make things easier on people and businesses dealing with quake damage,  the City of Napa has passed a resolution waiving inspection and permit fees to jumpstart the rebuilding process.

Families at Charter Oaks apartments can't wait for that because it means another day of waiting and wondering for those who should be behind the wheel of cars that won't be moving any time soon.

Raised in this complex, Angie Martinez is looking after things for her 70-year-old grandmother who still lives here and is still shaken by the 6.0 quake that crushed car after car here under falling carports.

And the Martinez family didn't feel the force of Mother Nature just once.

"My cousin's car is down there probably totaled right now. And then my other family member's car is across the way at the other garage," she said.

The quake itself was traumatic enough for the Perez family

" I just held back the tears and tried to rush outside, but I couldn't open the door," Vanessa Perez said.

Once outside the family discovered Vanessa's mom had lost her first brand new car to the quake of 2014.

"It's too very sad for me," Irene Perez told FOX40.

Just up the road, the driving dilemma isn't quake crumpled carports - it's bolt shearing on the Tall Grass bridge.

That trouble has cut off one of the entrances to the Hidden Hills subdivision.

"It's just like all of Napa is fragile and not very safe right right now," said Jeni Olsen

On one side of her house  is the compromised bridge.

On the other is a towering threat in the form of a giant tree that's been dropping limbs since the earth shook.

"It's a little bit precarious right now. I think one of the cables broke and bits and pieces of the tree are falling at random, but we're getting it looked at and hopefully it'll be deemed safe pretty soon," Olsen said.

All of part of the woes the quake has left in wine country.

"It is really hard to see Napa going through this," said Martinez.

Inspection teams continue to assess all that Napa is going through.

They've upped the number of unsafe, red-tagged buildings to 103.