Napa Quake Leaves Winery Building “Tipsy”


Even as it picks up from a devastating earthquake, Napa is still a city that's all about wine.

And every winemaker wants to have a little edge, right?

The Trefethen Family Vineyard at St. Helena Highway and Oak Knoll Avenue is now getting the kind of buzz no one would have wanted.

Sunday's earthquake appears to have left one of the buildings on the property a little tipsy-looking.

Pisa has it's leaning tower and many have started to talk about Napa's leaning building.

The upper part of one structure appears to bulge out to the side toward St. Helena Highway.

Early Monday evening a recorded message heard by callers into the vineyard stated that due to the quake Trefethen's visitor center wouldn't be open until at least Friday.

Late Monday night callers dialing the vineyard's local and toll-free numbers heard a message from the phone company that their calls 'could not be completed at this time.'

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