Brown, Kashkari Trade Barbs in Only California Governor’s Debate

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FOX40 was the only Sacramento news crew to catch up with Neel Kashkari after the gubernatorial debate to ask how he felt.

"I feel great," Kashkari said. "When you knock-out the champ, you give him a chance at a rematch."

But if Jerry Brown is the champ, who is Neel Kashkari? This debate was as much about identity as it was about policy.

Kashkari made it a point, repeatedly, to tell California he is an "aerospace engineer."

Kashkari did earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering, but more recently worked for Wall Street, and then overseeing TARP, the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

Check out the video above for a taste of the relentless snarkiness from California Governor Brown engendered by that entry on Kashkari's resume. More highlights from the debate can be seen below.

Still, Kashkari went on the offensive himself- frequently breaking the rule against directly addressing the other candidate that debate organizers had put in place.

But the identity Kashkari was working to tear down was that of Brown's administration as an agent of California's recovery.

The video about offers some choice examples of that as well.

In the end, in the battle of identity, it will of course be the voters and, whose message they identify with, that will carry the day.