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River Cats to Meet with Multiple MLB Teams, Weighing Options

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Are the Rivercats Considering Affiliate Swap?


Last Friday the River Cats asked Major League Baseball for permission to speak with multiple MLB teams about the possibility of stepping away from the Oakland A’s farm system.

According to Mark Ling of the River Cats, the team could stay with the Oakland A’s or could partner with a different MLB team; the franchise is considering its options.

For several months, there has been speculation about the River Cats changing their affiliation from the Oakland A’s to the San Francisco Giants, but the River Cats organization has¬†been very clear that they have not yet made up their minds.

The Fresno Grizzlies, the current AAA affiliate of the San Francisco Giants, as well as many other teams in the Pacific Coast League, are taking the same opportunity to meet with other MLB teams.

In this stage of the organization process, all 30 MLB teams receive a list of minor league teams that would like to meet with them. Starting Tuesday of this week, the teams are allowed to meet and potentially partner up.

Major League Baseball has strong rules about their partnership deals. There is not too much negotiation between the minor and major league teams, and the process can be rather quick overall.

Mark Ling also told FOX40 the team could announce a decision soon. The announcement may be made this week and perhaps as early as Tuesday.