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Local Band Creates Popular Anthem for Sacramento Republic FC

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"LET'S GO SACRAMENTO! We're the Republic, we stand and sing together," is the chorus of the song.

"To get to be a part of what could be one of the most historic professional spots stories in Sacramento is a once in a lifetime opportunity," said Steve Ross, City of Vain front man.

Now the band has been invited to play the USL Pro Championship game at Boney Field on Saturday.

UPDATE: Sac Republic FC wins USL Pro Championship

"The club is coming together. We're in the championship game. We've got the song. It's going to be a party!" Ross said.

Ross is a 30-year-old analyst for Tony's Fine Foods, father of 3 kids and die hard Republic FC fan.

"To be a part of something new, it's a new and exciting experience and to say you were there, you saw it first. Soccer has brought that back to Sacramento," Ross said.

City of Vain's "Song of the Republic" is not officially endorsed by the team. But that doesn't mean they don't like it.

"How about that" said Sacramento Republic FC President Warren Smith, while dancing to the song.

Players like it too.

"It's really catchy," said USL Pro MVP finalist Rodrigo Lopez.

"It's a really great song it shows that the city has a lot of support for our team," said midfielder Carlos Martinez.

"There's a lot of energy we get from it" said midfielder Octavio Guzman.

"We just hope everyone goes in there and has the best possible time because the stage is set, both literally and figuratively", Ross said.

"I used to have fun like they do...just not as often," Smith said.

City of Vain's "Song of the Republic" is available on iTunes here.