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Massage Parlor Busts Result in Three Prostitution-Related Arrests

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Ray Scott, who works at Barber Salon Etc., says things were quiet next door at New York Massage…at least at first.

"There was nothing in the parking lot where we'd get suspicious," Scott told FOX40.

But over the next year, Scott and the other employees started to notice some changes.

"They got a lot of traffic, I thought maybe the massage business was doing pretty good this year," Scott said.

"It was only females in there I guess. Maybe not seeing so many people come in and out certain time and hours I guess," said Jerron Dixon, owner of Barber Salon Etc.

What happened Thursday was hard to miss.

"Police cars just came out of every direction," Dixon said.

"Plain clothes cops, they went inside grabbed a few people brought them out. We were all shocked over here," Scott said.

Brianna Katz and Lauren Edwards were arrested Thursday for prostitution or prostitution-related charges, apparently operating from inside the business.

Not too far away, Sumei Zhao was also arrested on similar charges at Elite Massage on Madison avenue near Fair Oaks Blvd.

The Sacramento Sheriff's Department is saying it's all part of an undercover operation.

"Upwards to maybe 30 to 40 (guys would come in) a day, yeah," Scott said.

And Scott, his co-workers, as well as other surrounding businesses tell FOX40 they're glad police shut down New York Massage and hope they keep up the good work.

"That's bad and you can get rid of it. To turn bad things back into positive, that's always a good thing," Dixon said.

"Now we got parking out here. We can park our cars a little bit better for the barber shop. But everything is okay. We're glad they're gone. It’s a better light for the neighborhood. We don't need that around here," Scott told FOX40.