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‘Sactoberfest’ Worker Alleges Pay Problems

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A college student who worked at Sactoberfest last week in West Sacramento tells FOX40 she was paid 25 percent less than promised.

"We’re extremely upset," the staffer, who asked to remain anonymous, said Sunday.

The event employee says when she went to pick up her paycheck Friday, she and several others were told that because of lower than expected attendance, they would be paid 75 cents on the dollar.

"We were told that we would only make 75 cents to the dollar because they did not meet the amount they were supposed to meet,” she said.

Another Sactoberfest staffer sent us an email showing the confirmed ten dollar an hour pay rate, and that staffer claims she only got seven fifty an hour as well.

In the past, FOX40 interviewed Sactoberfest organizer, Rich Clakely about the excitement surrounding the event.

Sunday FOX40 asked Clakely about his employees' complaints.  He admitted that a week after the event, some hadn’t been paid yet, but he promised they would be.

"All of the employees that have come to be paid have been paid so far and the remaining employees will be paid this coming week.  Other than that I have no comment,” said Clakely.

Clakely said he knew nothing about staffers getting paid less due to low attendance.

"I don’t know anything about that and I have no comment at this time,” said Clakely.

Although the discrepancy is about $20 for the employee we spoke to, she said she feels mislead.

“You’re scamming college students," she said. "How much more low can you get?"

Thousands were expected at Sactoberfest. FOX40 reached out to the event’s Public Relations manager to see if turnout actually was low.

They were unable to provide us with those numbers.