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12th Street Tunnel Gets Much Needed Makeover

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The 12th Street tunnel in Sacramento is getting a much needed makeover.

Two local artists teamed up with the City of Sacramento, and sponsors to start making a mural that covers the entire interior of the tunnel.

For the 70,000 people who drive or walk through the tunnel everyday, the makeover was a long time coming.

"There are drug addicts, needles, crack pipes, anything you can think of, it was on this path right here," said pedestrian Tracy Learson.

With the help of local businesses, sponsorships, and $6,000 allocated by councilman Steve Cohn's office, things are looking lighter and brighter.

"I think it's inspirational as we walk up and down the tunnel because there are a lot of people who have to go through here to go to Loaves and Fishes, there is a positive vibe as they go look at the mural," Wendell Sims said.

The masterminds of the project are designers Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Chstophel. They call their artwork "Contagious Color." It is one of many things the community hopes will revitalize the area.

"This is part of a larger picture but this particular part was one of the most dingy areas," Councilman Cohn said. "So it took two young women with exceptional talent, vision, and perseverance to pull it off."

The mural is not completely finished. But already, it is inspiring people like Lewis Riley, who is transitioning from homelessness.

"I think the colors will make people less scared to walk though the little tunnel there," Riley said.

The artists will be working all day next weekend to complete the project. Because of this, some Regional Transit systems will be canceled, and roads will be blocked off.