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PHOTOS: Paraplegic Veteran Stands to Dance with Bride

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FISHERS, Indiana (WXIN)-

A paraplegic veteran gave his bride quite the surprise at their wedding when he stood up from his wheelchair for their first dance.

Sergeant Joe Johnson, 27, injured his spinal cord after returning home from Afghanistan. He told FOX59 in Indianapolis that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, and rode motorcycles for the rush.

“I was going too fast on a curvy road,” he told the station. “Sunglasses blew off. I was wearing no helmet.”

He said his then-girlfriend, Michelle, stood by him and was very supportive.

When the two got married, Joe and his friends created a special harness that would allow him to stand for the first dance.

Michelle is a wedding planner by trade, and planned her own wedding to Joe, but had no idea about the harness.

“When Michelle walked in the whole room was quiet, she had no idea what was going on. She saw Joey standing and she had a giant smile on her face which quickly turned to tears. Everyone was in tears,” wedding photographer Jennifer Davis, of LinneaLiz, said.

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