Cleanup Continues after Thursday’s Storm

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Powerful winds and heavy rain last week left a mess in parts of Sacramento. While the storm has ended, cleanup has not.

On Mira del Rio drive, just outside Rancho Cordova, homeowner Joseph Pica was cleaning up fallen wood Sunday.

A large tree uprooted early Thursday morning and came crashing down. It was the house next door that suffered the brunt of the damage. Sunday, a tarp still covered part of the roof.

Now the question is who is responsible for the cost of cleanup and repairs?

"This is gonna be more money than I can afford. It’s all insurance and those guys are gonna fight it out and drag it out,” said Pica.

Pica says removal alone cost about $7,000.

Even though he is overwhelmed, he and his tenants realize things could have been much worse.

"It was a really big tree it could have really hurt somebody.  So just having to pick up the wood and clean up the wood is getting off pretty good,” said resident Kelly Sundquist.

And what about the flooding in other parts of the region?

Friday morning, Folsom’s Willow Creek overflowed, spilled onto nearby train tracks and onto Sibley Street.

Sunday, warning signs still sat on the road, but water had receded.