Supporters of Mandatory Vaccine Bill Receive Stalking Threats

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Senate Bill 277 has been controversial since the bill was first introduced in the California Legislature, but the controversy has reached a whole new level, according to police reports obtained by FOX40 on Wednesday.

The reports, filed by the staff at the California Medical Association and SB 277 lobbyist Jodi Hicks, allege that opponents of the bills have threatened and stalked them on social media.

The reports cite tweets like; "If they try to vaccin[ate] me they'll get a bullet through their head. Every single one that tries."

SB 277 passed in the Senate last week and would require most schoolchildren to be vaccinated in California.

Another opponent of the bill tweeted photos of Hicks detailing her location, and what she was wearing, using the hashtag #DevilWithTheBlueDress.

Hicks responded to another person, "You did just tweet to a million people a link to an article attacking my 5 year old daughter and naming her. Not cool."

One of the police reports alleges that the stalking began because of a video posted by the president of the California Chiropractic Association, Brian Stenzler, in which he allegedly instructs people to follow the lobbyists "all day long, to a T."

Stenzler, a practicing chiropractor out of San Diego, admits he did say that, but intended people to follow the money.

"The full video says follow the money, not the people," Stenzler said.

In a letter to Stenzler, the CEO of the California Medical Association  said:

"Numerous threats have been posted online encouraging the use of gun violence, execution style killings and mayhem ... I implore you to immediately cease and desist from all activities that could incite, lead to, or result in harm..."

Stenzler said he received the letter and said he is sorry his video was misinterpreted.

"I'm a family guy. I'm a doctor. I would never condone stalking anybody," Stenzler said.

A Sacramento Police Department spokesperson said detectives have received the online police reports and will investigate any credible and specific threats.