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Laid-Off Sac Ballet Dancers Perform as New Company

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Recently laid-off Sacramento Ballet dancers performed for a packed house at the Crest Theatre Saturday for the first time as their newly formed group, Capitol Dance Company.

"We didn't let that get us down and we just figured out a way to make it happen," dancer Alexandra Cunningham said.

Cunningham told FOX40 her colleagues always dreamt of forming an independent dance company to get them through the summer months, and the layoffs gave them that extra nudge.

"You know a packed house is just, the energy we get from that is really amazing to perform for," Cunningham said.

"Luckily we have a great community to support us. The turn out tonight has been awe inspiring," dancer Dylan Keane said.

The dancers determination to not only finish the season they started but to work through the summer motivated aspiring artists to keep plugging away at their passions.
"I'm a student at the Sacramento ballet. It's really inspiring to just love dance and to see them keep going, no matter what," Jenny Watembach said.

The Capitol Dance Company members told FOX40 they planned to work with the Sacramento Ballet again in the nest season, which starts in October.

"It's gonna be really exciting cause we're moving into a new building," Cunningham said.

Their new studio will be located at the old site of the Sacramento Adult School at 24th and N in Midtown.

The dancers are raising money for the capital improvements at the new Studio for Performing Arts.

To donate, go to CrowdRise.com and search LaunchCapitalDanceProject.