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Woman Attacked by Pit Bull in Modesto May Have Been Trespassing, Witness Says

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A 63-year-woman suffered major injuries after she was bitten by a pit bull in Modesto. But a witness said that woman may have been trespassing.

The owner of the pit bull voluntarily surrendered the dog to Stanislaus County. The shelter is trying to find a nonprofit rescue organization to adopt Fat Boy the pit bull or the dog may face death.

Fat Boy can be a perfect gentleman. The 80 pound pit bull can show great dedication and protection, according to authorities.

But on Monday, that loyalty turned dangerous when the dog attacked a woman who authorities said showed up to a house on Blankenburg Avenue in Modesto uninvited.

“...and unfortunately, somebody uninvited came onto the property and he did what a dog would do and he bit,” said Annette Patton, executive director of Stanislaus Animal Services Agency.

FOX40 spoke with a man who claims he saw everything, he asked not to be identified.

“The owner of the dog was like, ‘Call 911!’ Screaming, ‘Call 911! Call 911! Call 911!’ She (my wife) was calling 911,” he said.

The dog reportedly attacked the woman’s arm. He said the owner did everything he could to get the pit bull off the woman.

“The man was kicking the dog and screaming at the dog and nothing was doing anything, nothing was working,” he said.

He said he's never seen the woman around before and believed she may have been trespassing.

“Also, there are signs in there that are ‘no trespassing,’ but I don’t know what happened to this lady."

The dog’s owner pulled the woman inside his house, which is what ultimately ended the attack.

According to Annette Patton with the Stanislaus Animal Services Agency, the owner did not break any laws. She believed Fat Boy was just protecting his territory.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a bad dog, he was doing what a normal dog would do, that is in California, you have every right to protect your property and this dog was doing that,” Patton said.

After it was all over, the owner voluntarily turned his dog over to animal services.

“He doesn’t show any aggression since he’s been here, he’s very friendly with everybody,” Patton said.

Fat Boy's days are now numbered.

Patton said they have to legally keep him for 10 days just in case he has rabies, and if a nonprofit organization does not adopt him, they'll have to euthanize the 4-year-old dog.

“It was very heartbreaking, so we’re hoping that the a 501(c)3 will come take this dog, Fat Boy is his name,” Patton said.

The woman who was bitten was hospitalized at Memorial Hospital in Modesto.