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Phone App Dubbed the ‘Uber of Sacramento Restaurants’ Gaining Traction

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A new smartphone app developed by Sacramento entrepreneurs and developers, is gaining popularity.

"Requested" is dubbed as the "Uber of Sacramento restaurants", where customers can reserve, get served, and pay all through the app.

After a $1 million fundraising campaign backed by local and Silicon Valley investors, prototypes of the app launched earlier this year.

Since then, the app has been gaining 50% growth every month.

The creation was inspired when local restaurant owner and now CEO of Requested, Sonny Mayugba wanted to find a creative way to fill empty seats.

"There is no traditional or marketing mechanism for me, as the owner of the Red Rabbit to connect with the right customers, where I can give promotions and discounts during our off peak and do VIP seating for peak times," Mayugba said.

He soon gathered three of his brightest engineer friends to create “Requested.”

Customers can browse through independently owned, highly rated restaurants that are giving out spontaneous happy hour discounts in real time. The merchants are allowed to adjust the level of discounts according to how busy they are. Also, if they are over-crowded, they can reserve a special table for a customer, for a premium price.

New coffee shop owner, Matt Kennedy said the app has been instrumental in their marketing.

"From our regulars who just like to get discounts on stuff to just today alone, we just had 4 new people who walked through the door as a result of Requested," Kennedy said.

He and his fiance opened The Trade Coffee and Co-Working just seven months ago. Mayugba said customers can also pay right through the app's secure system, just like amazon, pinterest, or Uber."

Now it's cool to dine and dash. It's a whole new concept," Mayugba said.

We met Gabi Stallings at Orchid Thai Restaurant in Midtown Sacramento. She said she discovered Requested at its prototype stage several months ago, and has been using it ever since. She said her favorite feature is how it allows her to save both time and money.

"Right now, Downtown Sacramento is booming," Stallings said. "People are coming after work, heading to their date, movie, sporting event, so you're in, you're out, no waiting."

So far, the app is only for Sacramento area establishments. But in the future, the developers plan to go global.