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Turlock PD Addresses String of Sexual Assaults During Community Meeting

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A packed room of friends and neighbors brought together by an unfamiliar evil in Turlock all looking for answers.

"I think they can be a little less concerned in the daylight so we want to make sure we're pressing upon them that this didn't necessarily happen in the dark."

Many like this woman brought their questions about the recent string of sexual assaults directly to Turlock Police hoping to go home with insight to keep their families safer.

"It is an issue, and it's good that we are creating awareness in the community,” Janet Reynoso said.

Reynoso came as a concerned citizen but works with victims of sexual assault. She commended police for being proactive.

"At least people know who to contact, what services are available to them,” she said. “A lot of times people are afraid to report so at least they have an avenue of support."

Police Chief Richard Jackson says detective determined the two attacks last week are not likely related to three previous attacks dating back to July -- something officers thought was likely just days ago.

"We made that determination based on investigation. We have several investigators assigned to this case,” Jackson said.

In fact, Jackson said, this case is Turlock PD's most pressing issue.

"There may be others. There hasn't been a rash of these but that doesn't mean don't be safe. Let's be diligent with our safety,” he said.

Police believe the two most recent attacks were likely the work of the same man. Both times he snuck up from behind his victims — women walking alone in the dark. The two women gave the same description: a white man about 6 feet tall around 200 lbs.

Jackson said with the public's help, the chances of catching their guy are much better.

"We're a community of 70,000 people. If we have 70,000 people looking out for crime in our community and telling us what's going on, we're going to be a lot better off."

From the showing at this meeting, many in Turlock have answered that call.