Storm Causes Dangerous Driving Conditions Along I-80

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Up in the Sierra, Sunday's storm caused dangerous conditions along Interstate 80, forcing some drivers off the road. Tow truck drivers remained busy getting dozens of cars out of snow banks.

"We were moving over to the left lane, and then the back end started to fishtail.  [Then] we start to correct it out, and then, you know, collision over," said Jason, who didn't want to give his last name, but ended up stuck in a snowbank along I-80 Sunday night. "We're going to stay up here tonight, and then go home tomorrow. We're not going to try to take the pass tonight if we can avoid it."

Sugar Bowl Ski Resort also closed early due to white out conditions, according to several employees.

"You couldn't see the rental shop from the lodge. It was so white out," said Morgan Hamm, who works at the resort.

Other employees at the resort Sunday night, told FOX40 chair lifts were closed by 1 p.m.

Meanwhile, Hamm said she saw many drivers going too fast on I-80. She wishes motorist would be more careful during storms like Sunday's, and she also points out mistakes that drivers often make.

"Pump your brakes, don't just slam on them. Because that's what makes you skid," Hamm told FOX40.