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After eight long weeks of classes and job training, 26 women graduated from the Women's Empowerment Program.

The program is designed to get women in need off the street or back from the verge of homelessness, and into the workforce.

"Each woman's story is different but they all come with just enough hope to begin to rebuild their lives to get a job and to get back into safe housing," Women's Empowerment Executive Director Lisa Culp said at Wednesday's ceremony.

Scarley Brock started the program at just the right time. She had been unemployed for more than a year and on the verge of homelessness.

"All the interviews I did go to, I wasn't getting the job," Brock said. "I felt like I was doing something wrong now I know I was."

The program helped Brock build confidence, learn how to dress for an interview and hone her resume writing skills.

So far, the program has graduated nearly 1,300 women. Of those, 88 percent found jobs or enrolled in higher education.

In Wednesday's graduating class, three women already had jobs lined up. Several others have interviews scheduled, including Brock. Hers is a second interview for what she says is a dream job.

"Tomorrow, I have one for an inventory associate. I have done that before in the past," Brock said. "My outlook on life has changed completely now from this program and just excited to see whats next."