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Snowboarders, Skiers Enjoy New Year’s Day at Boreal

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"We've been receiving snow all season long, like the rest of Tahoe. It's made some of the most killer conditions we've seen here in about two decades," said Tucker Norred with Boreal Mountain Resort.

Visitors from all over came to Boreal on New Year's Day to test out those conditions.

"We're just enjoying the sun, enjoying the snow, having a good time," Snowboarder Skyler Ataide said.

For the Sanderson family it's been a rough couple of years dealing with less than ideal ski conditions.

Mother of two, Nicole Sanderson, said they took some seasons off because of the lack of snow, but that's all changing now.

"Just looking at my children and seeing their progression in skiing it's just amazing," she said.

On busy holidays, like New Year's Day, Boreal can see up to 3,000 people at the resort. The combination of good weather, great snow pack and New Year's brought many out to enjoy the day.