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Vallejo Family Escapes from House Fire

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A fire in Vallejo destroyed a family's home just hours into the New Year. For those who live next to it on Indiana Street, near Tennessee and Route 29 in Vallejo, the flames seemed to come out of nowhere.

"We heard a pop in the middle of the night about 4:30, and then everybody started to get up because we thought it was a gunshot, and then we just heard a giant explosion," said Heather Coughlin, adding she immediately went downstairs to wake her mother who might have otherwise slept through it.

"I have a breathing machine, didn't smell it in the C PAP you know, but when they finally got me awake, and I looked and seen, it was like a fireball by the time I got to it," Mrs. Coughlin said.

The Vallejo Fire Department said the couple who lived in the home with their infant were able to escape unharmed. But now a burned out structure is all that's left of their home.

"Everything is completely gone, they have nothing for their kids. No clothes, all their Christmas presents. The keys to the car, their wallets, ATM cards, everything is completely gone from their house," said Heather Coughlin, who added it couldn't have happened to nicer people. "You know, they were the laid back neighbors, you know, 'Oh do you want to come over and have some tamales and barbecue?'"

The fire burned so hot, two other homes, including the Coughlins' was severely damaged. They can no longer stay in their home. The American Red Cross is assisting all three families that were displaced.

"Out of the darkness comes the dawn. So we'll see. I'm really glad that Christian and his wife and baby got out OK. That was the important thing, you know," Mrs. Coughlin told FOX40.

The Vallejo Fire Department said the cause of the fire is still under investigation.