Brother of Man Shot In Face During Robbery Speaks Out

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Citrus Heights police are looking for several suspects who robbed an apartment and shot a man who lived there in the face. Police said the shooting happened at the Sierra Glen Apartment complex near I-80 and Auburn Boulevard.

Family of the victim said he is expected to survive.

"I have no idea why anybody would come in my house and try to put pistols to my brother's face and try to rob us," said Trent Ward, brother of the man who was shot.

Ward told FOX40, that he wasn't home at the time. However his brother, Theron Ward and his brother's girlfriend, Tiffany, were inside the apartment when two men and a woman forced their way in.

"Two were wearing masks, the girl was wearing a clown mask... And I guess they told my brother to 'give me everything,' and they put a pistol to his face," Ward said, adding Tiffany also got pinned to the ground by the female suspect. "When they were holding her face they said, 'Don't make any moves or we're going to kill you.'"

Ward told FOX40 his brother told the suspects he didn't have anything. That's when one of them shot him in his mouth.

"Hit right (below the cheek), it went through his teeth, and the only thing that saved him was the jaw part. The bullet hit like not in the teeth but upwards. So the bullet got stuck right there and the bullet shattered his mouth," Ward said.

Neighbors at Sierra Glen awoke to signs on their doors calling for witnesses.

"In this alley way over here, they had it all taped down. There were like five, six officers working the area. They didn't let people in for about an hour or so," said Eric Smith, who lives in the complex.

The Citrus Heights Police Department said it believes Ward's apartment was targeted and that this was not a random act. Ward said a diamond necklace, watch, several cell phones and iPads were taken from his apartment.

"I'm not worried about that stuff I'm just glad that my brother's alive. You can't buy him off the market, you can replace other stuff," Ward said, swearing he has no idea who robbed him and his brother.

"You know if he's going to come in and rob somebody's house, you know he's obviously did this before and he's going to do it again," he addded. "So hopefully somebody finds him before he puts somebody else in the hospital again."

Citrus Heights police said anyone with suspect information who wishes to remain anonymous can contact their crime tips hotline at (916)727-5524.