Skydiver Dead After Parachute Malfunction in Lodi

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A tragic accident near the Lodi airport today as a skydiver's parachute malfunctioned, causing the victim to fall to their death.

The skydiver landed on Woodson Road near 99 Frontage Road just north of the Lodi Airport's tarmac.

As deputies and medical examiners do a difficult job at a tragic scene, those who live near the Lodi Airport can't believe yet another skydiver fell to their death.

According to FOX40 reports, this is the 14th parachuting death at the Lodi drop zone since the center opened in the early 1980s.

San Joaquin sheriff’s deputies describe the accident as a parachute malfunction, which caused the skydiver to make a hard landing into a wall next to Woodson Road.

"We will have a rigger, someone who packs parachutes, come out and inspect the chute to see if there was anything wrong with the parachute itself,” San Joaquin County Lt. Steve Pease said.

Deputies photographed the accident scene, including the parachute and the victim. Deputies are not yet saying if it was a paid customer of the Skydive Lodi Parachute Center or one of their employees.

"We'll interview everybody that we can find that went and jumped today with this person,” Pease said.

Meanwhile the parachute center refused to comment on the tragedy, and even continued their skydiving operations after the fatal accident.

"It's a high risk sport that they're active in. And I myself have jumped from this same jump site, it's very invigorating and exciting but it's very high risk as well,” Pease said.