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Shooting Leads to Crash on I-5 in Stockton

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Police continued to search for answers Thursday night after a shooting and a high-speed chase sent two people to the hospital.

Police suspect an argument on Montgomery Drive is what sparked the altercation.

In broad daylight, gunfire shattered the silence on the 8000 block of Montgomery Drive. In all directions bullets were fired indiscriminately.

Police are calling this incident bold, saying it had the potential to put many lives in danger.

"This was a very brazen shooting that occurred on Montgomery, if you look at the time it occurred, at 1 p.m. in the afternoon and in a residential neighborhood," said Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva.

Nearly two miles away, a family was divided as the chaos unfolded.

Felipe Ibarra, 54, had just left his two teenage daughters at home. He rounded the block when he heard the shots.

"I parked the car where I was at and went around the corner and called my kids and told them to lock down the house," said Ibarra.

Shots were fired in the neighborhood and then a high-speed chase ensued. The chase came to an end a few miles away when the two cars, an Audi and an Escalade collided.

"They located at least one man who had one gunshot wound, he was transported to an area hospital and is currently in surgery," said Silva.

In the aftermath of the wreck, blood and mangled metal could be seen covering I-5.

"Another female who was located in one of the cars was also transported to a hospital to be treated for injuries sustained during the traffic collision," said Silva.

A third person was detained for questioning.

Silva says the man who was taken into surgery is expected to survive. Meanwhile, the woman was released but is being questioned by authorities.

Thursday's tense moments are something Felipe's daughter Mollie Ibarra says she won't easily forget.

"We actually had our front door open, and we heard a couple, probably about four or five shots, so we shut the door," said Mollie.

She says she was relieved to hear the sound of her father's voice when he called.

"I answered the phone and asked him if he was OK, and after that we probably heard about 10 more (shots)," said Mollie.

Amid crime scene tape and detectives, Felipe says he is thankful. Feelings of gratitude and relief that his family is safe.

"Bullets have no names. You kinda worry about your family, there are lots of kids, lots of children in this neighborhood," said Ibarra.

On Thursday, neighbors say they are  grateful that those indiscriminate bullets didn't take an innocent life.