Residents, Caltrans Clean Up After Flooding Near Yuba City

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Severe weather wreaked havoc in Yuba City over the weekend.

On a stretch of Highway 70, just south of Marysville, the irrigation ditches hit maximum capacity. The drainage pumps were unable to keep up. It made for the perfect storm.

Stan Richins, a spokesman for Caltrans says no one expected the amount of rain that slammed the area.

"There was so much water that the pumps couldn't keep up with it, so it created a pond under each of them," said Richins. "We had the road closed in three different directions."

On Saturday night, a car drove past the road closures, barreling into the water. Chia Xiong, 51,  lost her life, unable to free herself from the nearly 10 feet of water.

Richins says Caltrans had closed the roadway a few hours prior because of intense flooding.

A few miles away, on North Beale Street, resident Brianne Bowden and her husband are dealing with the aftermath of flooding. They say the county has been little help.

"It's really frustrating, especially also for the neighbors, our whole backyard is up to our boots in water," said Bowden.

Despite multiple calls and repeated pleas for help, Bowden was met with silence.

"I called the county two times, they advised me to call the fire department, and the fire department says they would not have sandbags until it was already flooding," said Bowden.

Bowden took matters into her own hands, spending hours filling sand bags and strategically placing them to save her house.

For agencies like Caltrans, they say the focus is flood mitigation.

"We ended up with four crews," said Richins. "They came here and they built that wall of sandbags to raise the embankment almost two feet."

But for residents like Bowden, at this point there is only one solution.

"More sandbags, that's all we can do."