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Stockton Municipal Utilities District Asks for Volunteers to Test Water for Copper, Lead

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Straight from the faucet right to Bradford Smith’s mouth. That’s how he has preferred his water from Stockton since 1946.

"Chlorine, fluorides and stuff they’ve been putting in our water forever and ever, doesn’t seem to have hurt anyone,” he said.

Smith, along with his neighbors can send in samples of their water. It’s part of the Stockton Municipal Utilities Department’s call for volunteers to test their water monthly for copper and lead.

“If they want to come test it, let 'em test it. I don’t care,” Smith told FOX40.

Marie Fiore with the Municipal Utilities Department explained that they’re mandated by California to report on their copper and lead levels every three years.

“We decided that at this time we would solicit volunteers to have a broader sample and more information to provide our consumers,” said Fiore, a program manager with the department.

She added there’s nothing wrong with the water supply. Even among concern from some residents about the conversion to chloramine from chlorine water purification. This volunteer program is just a way for the city to assure residents their water is safe.

“We’re very confident. We haven’t had any indication that there’s any concern,” Fiore said.

Families who live in homes that were built earlier than 1993 and are customers of the Municipal Utilities Department qualify.

"You have to be willing to leave your water off for about eight hours and take a sample first thing in the morning,” Fiore added.

As for Smith, he appreciates the program but is confident about what he drinks.

“If we have unsafe levels of these things that needs to be addressed. Other than that ... I don’t mind,” he said.

The department said they submit the water samples to an independent laboratory for testing.

They have released February’s test results, which show the copper and lead levels are either not present in volunteer’s tap water or are at very low levels.

They said they’re expecting to release March’s results in mid-April.

See February's results, here.

If you'd like to volunteer for the water program call (209) 937-7353 or email waterfacts@stocktonca.gov.