High Water Levels Mean Boating Season is in Full Swing on Folsom Lake

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And just like that, boating season on Folsom Lake has launched.

"This weekend's been very busy, especially today and Saturday too, with the high water levels and the warm weather," said Sgt. Eric Dales,  a ranger for California State Parks who patrols Folsom Lake.

Park rangers had their hands full Sunday, checking to make sure that everybody drinking was old enough, and that nobody driving had too much. And they had at least one injury out on the lake that required hospitalization.

What a difference a winter can make -- the right winter. The docks of the Folsom Lake Marina were resting on the lake bed before this El Nino winter, and last year was a tough one for boaters.

"We had to pull out early. Real early," said Kamal Azizi, who has a slip at the marina.

At this time last year, even before the hot summer, the lake was somewhere over half storage capacity. Now it's at 80 percent. It's so high, some boat launches are even closed down, making the launch at the marina, extra busy.

"They're excited to get their boats dusted off, get out on the water and be safe out there," Dales said.

It's not just motor boats either. This weekend saw the 50th annual Camellia Cup Regatta -- a sailboat race hosted by the Folsom Lake Yacht Club.

And this year, the course wasn't dictated by low water levels.

"It was depending on the wind. It really depends on the wind. Sometime it depends on lake levels, but the lake levels are great this year," said Commadore Suna Kneisley of the Folsom Lake Yacht Club.