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Donald Trump’s Field Director Resigns

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Donald Trump’s national field director resigned Monday amid a staff shakeup that put Scott Walker’s former campaign manager in charge of the campaign’s ground operation.

Stuart Jolly, the national field director, tendered his resignation to Trump, two days after Trump met with senior staff and officially elevated Trump’s recently hired national political director Rick Wiley above Jolly.

“I left. I wasn’t pushed, I wasn’t shoved, I wasn’t asked to leave,” Jolly told CNN Monday in a phone interview.

Jolly was a longtime loyalist to Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, and Jolly’s departure shrinks the circle of loyal aides Lewandowski has around him as Paul Manafort, Trump’s recent hire to manage the convention strategy, gains more clout in the Trump campaign.

“I don’t want to hurt Mr. Trump and I certainly don’t want to hurt Corey,” Jolly told CNN, adding that it was simply time to leave amid the campaign shakeup.

Politico first reported the resignation Monday.

Jolly said he is encouraging his field staff to stay on with the campaign.

“You gotta love and respect the people you work for. Things were changing so I’m going to give them an opportunity,” Jolly said. “I would obviously have less input.”