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Rocket the Baby Giraffe has Playful Personality, Sacramento Zookeepers Say

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At just over two weeks old, the baby giraffe born at the Sacramento Zoo is gaining weight and growing taller.

Baby boy giraffe, Rocket, has a playful personality and on-the-go attitude, according to zookeepers.

Shani, the calf’s mother, and Rocket have been spending most of their time in the barn, bonding. Rocket still needs to grow steadier on his long legs before he can maneuver in the exhibit and be introduced to the whole herd.

His herd-mates have been sticking their heads over fences and stall doors to inspect him.

Rocket is expected to make his public debut in Mid-May.

In the meantime, Rocket and Shani will have intermittent access to the giraffe barn’s side-yard, where lucky and quiet guests might catch a glimpse of Rocket.

These viewing areas will continue to remain quiet zones, creating a peaceful environment for the pair until the time that they venture out into the main exhibit.