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Stockton Tests Unorthodox Cycling Track in Downtown

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STOCKTON — The City of Stockton let the cycling community test ride a cycling-track around Weber Point Wednesday morning.

Unlike conventional biking lanes seen on either side of the road, cycling-tracks feature two lanes on one side of the road.

“It’s a little odd and took some time to get used to riding against traffic,” a cyclist identifying himself as Matt told FOX40.

The city has a master plan as far as where it would like to put cycling tracks within the city and expand its cycling community for both the casual and more serious rider.

“While not all streets have the capability to put cycling tracks in them, some of them do, and we want the community’s input on what they think of them,” Public Works Director Gordon Mackay said.

The “live preview” of the cycling track was on Center Street outside of City Hall in the Weber point area Wednesday and was available until 10 a.m.