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Support for Suspended UC Davis Chancellor Continues at UC Regents Meeting

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SACRAMENTO -- Support for suspended UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi continued during the open comment period of the UC Board of Regents meeting Wednesday.

Tuesday, five professors spoke in her support and several more supporters spoke on Wednesday.

UC Regents President Janet Napolitano took note in her opening remarks that she was in the "backyard" of UC Davis.

"I'd like to assure the Davis faculty, the students and the staff that the forward momentum of the Davis campus will continue, and that the campus has all of our support," Napolitano said.

Katehi has been under fire since the notorious pepper spraying of student protesters several years ago. Her paid membership on several private boards was excused by Napolitano, who said at the time that Katehi meant well.

Then came charges of nepotism involving Katehi's daughter-in-law and son who work for UC Davis, got promotions and were put under the supervision of Katehi.

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is a UC regent, said Katehi is highly thought of by many regents including himself. But he agreed with Napolitano's move to place Katehi on administrative leave pending an investigation.

"There were a series of bad decisions ... one you can excuse, maybe two ... three, four -- you got to hold back and do an investigation," Newsom said.

Katehi continues to contest the suspension. Her lawyer is claiming it was unwarranted and illegal.