UPS Driver Picks Up Adorable Pup That Was Dumped on the Side of the Road

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HUGHSON -- A puppy allegedly thrown out of a truck on a busy road was saved from certain danger by a UPS driver on Tuesday afternoon.

Less than 24 hours later, Biscuit, as he’s now called in the Stanislaus Animal Shelter, is playful and spunky thanks to Jason Harcrow.

"UPS drivers and dogs don’t really get along, but being a little puppy, you know, it was the right thing to do,” Harcrow told FOX40.

Harcrow was driving on East Hatch Road in Hughson when he saw an old blue farm truck speed off, he said. Left behind in the dust was a small, scared cairn terrier.

"The truck took off and the dog followed it. The guy in front of me slowed down he said he saw the guy throw him out the door,” Harcrow explained.

With cars coming in each direction, he focused in on the puppy.

"For sure I thought it was a goner,” Harcrow said.

Biscuit got spooked and ended up underneath Harcrow’s delivery truck.

“So I just had to crawl underneath there and snatch it real quick then I brought it over here to the inside and just popped up in there and held it in my lap,” he said.

The 16-year UPS veteran contacted animal services who told him an officer would meet them, but not before Harcrow made some deliveries.

Now the pup is safe and will be with Stanislaus Animal Services for the next three days, which will give the owner some time to reclaim him, in accordance with state law.

Harcrow can only hope his new little bud goes to a good home.

“It’s a cool little dog. Had a little spunk, you know, little aggressive but cute dog,” Harcrow said.

Animal services said if the owner does not claim Biscuit, he will be neutered on Monday and may be adoptable by Tuesday morning. He was not microchipped and did not have a collar when he was found.