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RNC Day 1: Donald Trump Introduces Melania

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CLEVELAND, Ohio. -- It's something presidential candidates just don't do: appear at their nominating conventions before they're officially nominated.

But what about Donald Trump's run for the White House has been like anything else any one else has ever done?

The California delegation had a prime spot right up next to the stage, actually bumping the Ohio delegation from the area normally reserved for the host state. They had an up close spot for what was quite a show: the Trumps arriving on the first night of the Republican National Convention.

Known for everything but subtlety, the Republican wannabe commander-in-chief fire appeared at his convention in silhouette, to the strains of Queen's "We are the Champions." Then Trump turned introducer- in-chief, strutting to the Queen song before introducing his queen.

"Ladies and gentlemen it its my great honor to present the next first lady of the United States, my wife, amazing mother, incredible woman... Melania Trump."

Melania spoke of the man she knows personally.

"I can tell you with certainty that my husband has been concerned about our country for as long as I have known him. With all of my heart I know he will make a great and lasting difference," she said to a round of applause.

Uncharacteristically, while in the arena, Trump resisted snapping back at some of the delegates to the Republican National Convention who staged a floor fight.

Their goal? To try and undo what voters across the country had done - make the billionaire their party's choice for president.

The afternoon fight to change party rules from the floor and deny Trump his nomination coronation died on the floor.

But something else was born there.

Trump is used to paying out spousal support, but getting support from a spouse this way seemed to inspire a whole new view of him among some voters.

"She spoke about his dedication and commitment, starting something and following through all the way to the end. ... That's what I was looking for," said Angela Underwood-Jacobs, one of California's RNC delegates from North Los Angeles.

"I wasn't sure she knew what she talking about, but she did," said another California delegate from Laguna Nigel.

After a day one full of surprises, Day 2 will focus on the economy, another riff on Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again":

Make America Work Again.