Family Matters: Helicopter Parenting, Good Germs and Cellphones

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Paul has information on 'helicopter parents', letting kids be dirty for better health, and the right age to get your child a cellphone in this family matters segment.

Paul says coaches have seen more and more 'helicopter parents' in child sports. A 'helicopter parent' is one who may be hovering and overly involved in their child's life.

A survey of 300 high school coaches revealed they feel the parents are getting worse when it comes to parents getting overly involved. They have become more vocal when they are unhappy, or when they think their child deserves more playing time. Nearly half of the coaches in the survey say they have had to confront a parent about their meddling. Also, 64 percent of athletes tend to complain about their parent's conduct.

Parents may find benefit in letting go when it comes to letting kids get dirty. Research says you can boost your child's immune system by letting them be exposed to germs. Over-sanitizing is leading to more diseases, scientists say.

The bacteria in our bodies has changed due to extra clean societies, leaving us with less immunity to fight against sicknesses we used to be able to.

Lastly, how young is too young to get your child a cellphone?  New research shows the average age of kids to get a cellphone today is 10 years old. A new survey from Sprint says kids get social media right after their new phone.

Parents should take head when considering all the side effects to getting a phone with social media: bullying, stranger danger, and less playing and social interaction.


This report was filed by FOX40 intern Brookelynn Graditi.