Southern California Wildfires Affecting Valley Air Quality

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CALIFORNIA -- The Soberanes and Sand Fires have charred thousands of acres and prompted evacuations throughout Monterey and Los Angeles counties.

The flames have impacted valley air quality.

Anthony Presto with the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District told FOX40 that because of the triple-digit weather, strong pressure and the wildfires, smoke emissions can be trapped over the valley.

He's advising families to stay indoors in an air-conditioned controlled environment.

"If you see or smell smoke, you’re likely being impacted, and that’s really when you should basically take cover, go indoors. Because our monitoring stations although are very accurate, sometimes particles from wildfires might be too big for the instruments to pick up,” Presto said.

Presto also advises drivers to not idle your car, the idea is to prevent even more pollutants from entering the air that we breathe.