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With Few Other Options, Lyft, Uber Drivers Wait Along I-5 for Airport Pickups

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SACRAMENTO -- Drive up and down Interstate 5, just south of the airport, and you may notice parked cars along the service roads.

They are Uber and Lyft drivers waiting for their next ride.

"We found our own place... hiding!" said Abdul Popal.

Popal is one of dozens of drivers who use this area as a home base.

"This is kind of like a free land. We're just waiting here for the next customer," Popal said.

Ride-sharing vehicles are not allowed to wait on airport property.

It's the closest possible spot to sit and still make it to riders in five minutes or less.

Driver Keith Kimmons calls it inconvenient.

"Having the Uber, Lyft drivers out here, to me, just doesn't make sense, especially when the taxis are allowed to park on airport property," Kimmons said.

An airport spokesperson tells FOX40 only one taxi company is allowed to remain on site because they pay a premium to be there.

As of now, there's no official spot for Uber and Lyft.

"We need to go use the bathroom, we don't have any place to go, people are going on the back side over there, it's kinda sad life," Popal said.

Some drivers and community members have been complaining about trash in the area.

"I was here on Monday and the airport staff was out here picking up all this trash along the side, and it's already like this after Monday, it's already Wednesday," said Driver Diana Laurer.

It may be dirty and inconvenient, but for now, it's the best option as Sac International adapts to this new and popular way to get to and from the airport.

A spokesperson for the airport tells FOX40 they are in communication with the ride-sharing services to try to find better solutions.