Stockton Food Bank Hit by Copper Theft — Again

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STOCKTON -- For the second time in the past couple of months Stockton's Emergency Food Bank has had copper piping stolen.

Both times it was the copper piping from the unit that keeps the walk-in freezer cold.

Security video shows the thief hopping the barbwire fence to get to the cooling unit outside of the main freezer building.

"He slid his tool under the fence then he hopped over it, and then used the hacksaw to get to the pipe," Executive Director Mike Donaghy said.

Replacing the copper pipe cost the nonprofit around $6,500 - which is actually less than what it cost the last time it happened, that time it was closer to $7,000.

"These people are stealing from those who already have food insecurities, it's unbelievable," Donaghy said.

Fortunately a local refrigeration company has offered to keep the food cold and it's storage freezers for the past week until the food bank is able to take it back once again.

Donaghy believes the resell value on the black market for the copper is about $10-$12.

The Stockton Police Department is investigating the case in which the latest thief was caught on video.