Charges for Suspect in Vallejo Kidnapping for Ransom Case Upgraded to Murder

Vallejo's Bay Terrace neighborhood has long been a place of idyllic views and quaint houses. But for the last two months, it's also been a place of haunting questions after the kidnapping of Elvira Babb.

Charges against the primary suspect in Babb's disappearance, 26-year-old Emmanuel Espinoza, have now been upgraded to murder during a kidnapping for ransom. Babb's son John spoke out two weeks after his 57-year-old mother disappeared and her chihuahua was found dead inside her home.

"I pray every day that I will see my mom again. This has been a complete nightmare... she does not deserve this," he said.

He had no comment when asked about the special circumstances just added to Espinoza's case and the fact that charges were dropped against suspect Lovely Rauzol.

While the charges have changed, the location of Babb's body is still unknown.

Jaylon Brown, 32, and 23-year-old Larry Young were arrested along with Espinoza in early July for kidnapping for ransom.

Texts demanding cash in exchange for Babb's safe return baffled her son, because the family isn't rich.

Theories abound among those who used to share their street with her. However, investigators haven't clarified how the suspects they've identified may have zeroed in on Babb.

It's believed she was last seen by a co-worker who dropped her off June 29 at Seafood City.

It's a mystery that's left her neighbors working harder to take care of each other.

"It's really important in this day and age to be supporting each other and keeping track of what's going on around us," said Charlyne Martin.