Sacramento Priest Prepares to Bless People at Burning Man

SACRAMENTO -- On most days, you'll find Brian Baker at Trinity Cathedral on Capitol Avenue.

But the Episcopal Priest will soon be in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada for his second year at Burning Man.

"Burning man may have a reputation of this hedonistic kind of place," Baker said.

He has a different view of the festival.

"There is a spiritual openness in burning man," Baker said.

He enjoys how it fosters a community of non-judgement.

"There are aspects of burning man that for me is what the church is aspiring to be; a community of generosity, a community of openness and love," explained Baker.

You may be wondering what drew a 53-year-old priest to something like this.

"So last year my 22-year-old tattooed dread locked, 'I'm more of a Buddhist' hippie daughter came into two tickets to burning man," Baker said.

Joining a temporary city with an economy based on gift-giving was an experience Baker couldn't refuse.

"Some camps provide food some camps provide massages, one camp just sang Disney tunes," Baker said.

His contributions were blessings. Last year Baker shared his Burning Man experience with the church. The video has reached over 30,000 views.

This year he will be giving a TED Talk at the end of the festival. Baker leaves for burning man on Sunday.