Mother of Baby Israel Speaks Out After His Death

It's been four days since baby Israel Stinson's mother believes he literally became the angel she's felt he was since birth.

Still too distraught to speak on camera, Jonee Fonseca spoke to FOX40 by phone Monday.

"He was the sweetest kid and he just, he was always an angel now that I think about it. And thinking about it, he always had a special calling on him," she said.

The calling both of Israel's parents have had on them since April was keeping their 2-year-old alive after he fell into a coma following a severe asthma attack.

That ended August 25.

"They pulled the plug about 3:10 p.m., that day. They gave me till 4 o'clock to say my goodbyes," Fonseca said.

Israel's battle over brain death declarations and contradictory reports led his family into medical centers and courtrooms around the region. Then recently to a Guatemalan hospital, where his lawyers say the definitive brain death test, an electroencephalogram or EEG, proved he was very much alive.

Next came consultation with Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

Doctors there agreed to admit the Vacaville toddler.

"Right when we got there they discussed home care with us, and not even two days later they, started telling us they wanted to perform their own test, but they never did their own test," said Fonseca.

Instead Israel's mom, says Children's L.A. suddenly deemed her son's Guatemalan medical records invalid and rushed to court to disconnect him from life support.

"That's something that still confuses me. I don't understand why they would even accept us," she said.

"I could have still been in Guatemala, fighting for my son's life, if we didn't come back."

When asked about this case, representatives for Children's L.A. would only say "due to health privacy concerns of which we are bound, we cannot comment."

Fonseca says her child's life was taken by that hospital while lawyers there knew her legal team was appealing the decision allowing for disconnect.

"They wanted him gone. He was just wasting money and it just, it just doesn't make sense. It's so corrupt they way they went about it," she said.

"It was so terrible the way everything played out. They had no sympathy for us. They treated us like criminals in there. They had security around as if we're, you know... they're killing my child, and they're treating me like, like I'm overreacting, like I'm doing something wrong," Fonseca said.

With Israel's passing, his parents are transitioning the GoFundMe page created by his father supporting his recovery into one that will pay for a special home-going celebration for the toddler.

His family is still asking for the public's help.