Students Protest For Higher Teacher Pay

WEST SACRAMENTO -- Nearly 100 Students at River City High School in West Sacramento held signs and chanted outside the recreation building before class Monday, urging the district to increase teacher salaries.

"Teachers deserve to get paid more," student Keith Brown said.

The Washington Teachers Association which represents teachers in Washington Unified School District have been in negotiations with the district over a contract since last year.

Students tell FOX40 word of the protest spread through social media over the weekend, although many chose not to partake fearing repercussions for missing class.

Most if not all students did go to class by the 8:20 opening bell.

"These are teachers that have been at the school for many years, they are like family," parent and protester Daisy Po'oi said.

A district spokesperson says the negotiations are not unique to the Washington Union School District, adding "Fact Finders" will participate in the negotiations this week to help speed up the process.

"It's something you see throughout the region and the state," District Communications Director Giorgos Kazanis said.

Protest organizers says another protest will occur next week with the possibility of students skipping class.