Two Separate Fires Destroy Modesto Homes

MODESTO -- Firefighters battled a quick-moving fire on Choctaw Way in Modesto as concerned neighbors watched.

“It was coming out of the windows when I got here,” neighbor Randy Moore said.

The Modesto Fire Department said the house caught on fire about 2 p.m. Monday, their third fire of the day.

Across the city, Michele Pinheirro’s home was reduced to ashes. She said she was on her way home Monday morning when she saw billowing smoke from her duplex on Spencer Avenue.

“Sad. I don’t know how I’m going to start over,” Pinheirro said.

Her neighbors, a woman and a baby, were home at the time. They did not want to speak with FOX40.

“She was actually asleep with her baby after her husband went to work, but they have only smoke damage over there. Nothing else so thank God for that,” Pinheirro said.

The mother and child were safe. As for Pinheirro, she’s devastated and said it will be tough to start over. The Modesto woman said she does have renters insurance, so she’ll be able to get back some of what she lost.

As for a cause for both fires, the investigations are underway.