Lodi Man Aims for World Record for MS Awareness

LODI -- A Lodi man is attempting to set a world record, while spreading MS Awareness along the way.

"What I am doing is set the most cumulative miles recorded on a stationary bike," Rob Peterson said.

Every weekday morning since August 9, 2016, Peterson has been pedaling on the corner of Vine and Hutchinson streets in Lodi. He said this unusual attempt at setting a Guinness World Record is to get the word out about Multiple Sclerosis [MS], an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system. Eleven years ago, his daughter Allison was diagnosed.

"The paralysis came in the first couple of weeks. So, it was scary," Peterson said.

He chose the stationary bike so people can come by and ask him and his wife Rebecca questions about MS. His wife waves at drivers and pedestrians, while he continues to pedal.

"There are a lot of breakthroughs coming on the horizon, so we're praying they find a cure for this," Peterson said.

This is not his first time attempting a world record. In fact, this is his third. And he said "third time's a charm."

"I think he's a little crazy," his wife Rebecca said. "But he just has it in him to do this kind of stuff for good causes."

In 1998, he set the Guinness World record for hitting more than 8,700 tennis serves in a row without missing. And in 2000, he got another record for the longest continuous tennis rally, which lasted 9 hours, 10 minutes. So surely, he believes 250,000 miles in the next five years will be no problem.

Allison is now in remission, but she still has occasional episodes. Peterson said she is staying positive, and so will he.

He said he will not stop until they find a cure.

"I'm hoping. That's the goal. Quarter million miles," Peterson said.

Peterson is now at around 2,200 miles.

For more information on how you can donate to MS research, click here.