Elderly Woman Killed in Crash with Stockton Police Vehicle

STOCKTON -- A Stockton Police Department patrol car was on the other other side of the yellow crime tape on Wednesday morning, part of a tragic accident that claimed the life of an 84-year-old Stockton woman.

FOX40 spoke with a neighbor who asked us to hide her identity. She said she heard the crash from her house.

"I was in my kitchen. I heard a loud noise, like over two loud crashes,” she said.

The police department said the two officers who were inside the patrol car were were driving northbound on Pershing Avenue and were on their way to a report of a stolen vehicle.

They were identified as Officer Joseph Ciccarelli, who was driving, and Officer Gregory Lee. Both were hired in 2015, according to the department.

"The Stockton Police Department Ford Explorer was traveling 'code 3' with lights and siren activated,” Officer Daniel Sepulveda with CHP Stockton said.

The California Highway Patrol is the agency investigating the accident.

Some neighbors said they did not hear sirens.

"We didn’t hear no sirens. We didn’t hear that,” a neighbor said.

Investigators say the woman in the white truck, identified as Marilyn May Bettencourt, pulled out in front of the patrol court. She was traveling eastbound on Rivara Road. The crash was so violent the police department’s Ford Explorer smashed into a tree. Bettencourt’s truck was nearly cut in half.

Neighbors said the CHP and first responders arrived quickly.

The two officers were injured but will be OK. The department said they will be placed on three days of paid administrative leave.

A tragedy on a street that some families feel could be made safer.

"We just had another accident about a few weeks ago and there’s always accidents, people are getting hurt,” a woman said.