Grocery Store Purse Thief Caught on Camera

ROSEVILLE -- Roseville police are calling the woman who has been preying on unsuspecting shoppers, the purse pirate.

"It just takes seconds for the person to look away and the purse or the wallet is gone," said Rob Baquera of the Roseville Police Department.

Surveillance video from Sprouts along Stanford Ranch Road, caught the woman in the act.

It happens in seconds.

While the victim is bagging produce, the suspect moves in and grabs the victim's wallet out of her purse.

Investigators say the suspect has stolen items not only from Sprouts but from Trader Joe's, as well. She's suspected of at least four incidents in Roseville.

"We believe though, that it's not just tied to Roseville, that it could be all up and down the region," Baquera said.

And while detectives have identified this woman, they still don't know where she is. They hope this video will motivate the public to provide more information before the suspect strikes again.