Local Celebs are First Class for Sac “Walk Of Stars”

SACRAMENTO — A TV actor, an Olympic gold-medalist, a world renown artist, a surgeon and a rock star, all officially became the inaugural class of Sacramento’s “Walk of Stars” Wednesday morning.

Squares on the sidewalk of L street in between 18th and 19th Streets in Midtown Sacramento now have the plaqued names of:

  • Levar Burton (actor with popular roles in “Roots,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “Reading Rainbow”)
  • Debbie Meyer (a three time Olympic gold medalist in swimming)
  • Dr. Ernie Bodai (surgeon and advocate who’s helped raise more than $90 million for breast cancer research)
  • Timothy B Schmidt (a musician and the bassist and singer for the Eagles, as well as a member of the Rock ‘& Roll Hall of Fame)
  • Gregory Kondos (world renowned painter of California landscapes)

“Everywhere I go around the world, I’ve always claimed Sacramento as home. This is an amazing honor,” Burton said.

A sentiment echoed by the other for recipients.

Organizers say that five more local celebrities will be added to the ‘Walk of Stars’ each year as the sidewalk plaques make their way towards the State Capitol.