Missing Dog Found Covered in Chemical Burns

SACRAMENTO -- After her dog ran away, a Sacramento woman was horrified to later find her pit bull with chemical burns all over his back.

"They believe it was a chemical burn," Kenya Tolintino said about her pit bull El Chappo.

The burns were so bad, a vet had to perform surgery on El Chappo, and Tolintino told FOX40 investigators believe this was no accident.

"I spoke with detectives down at the shelter, and an animal officer, we really believe that somebody did this to him intentionally," Tolintino said.

Tolintino's neighbor Regenia Comstock now fears for her dog, Malcom, who could easily have been in the same situation.

"I would probably want to kill whoever did it... It's just horrible what some people would do to animals," Comstock told FOX40.

El Chappo ran away from his Arden Arcade home in July while Tolintino was taking out her garbage.

After hours of searching, countless calls to shelters and posts on social media, Tolintino said four weeks later finally Sacramento Animal Control officers found El Chappo, placing his photo up online.

"They found him in Del Paso, off of Harris Avenue," said Tolintino.

But now his injuries require him to constantly wear a muzzle and El Chappo needs additional visits to a vet. Tolintino told FOX40 she isn't sure how she'll pay for it.

"I lost my job about three months ago to an illness, so I cannot afford really to take him to the vet," Tolintino said.

She hopes investigators bring whoever is responsible to justice before they hurt another dog.

"Be aware that there's still evil out there," Tolintino told FOX40.

Sacramento Animal Control is looking for information about who burned El Chappo. Their number is (916) 808-7387.